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The future is near! It is happening! The singularity! An event horizon! Mans ascent to godhood! And you can be apart of it for just $19.99!

That is a joke, no way would it be that cheap. And I doubt it is happening, but if it does, it’ll be too much.

The singularity, from what I understand, is the blending of circuit board and nervous system. Not just jamming a microchip in my brain, but having technology become bigger and faster than ever. The effect on human kind as a whole is still in question. Will we get advertising shot into our brains? Will we live in a solar-punk utopia? Will our thoughts be more clearly translated from person to person than ever? It is like “The Jetsons” at this point, our rate of technological growth does not outright determine what it will produce. The shift from massive industrial production to a new focus on phone and computer production has changed our dreams of the future. No buzzing flying cars are talking about much anymore, instead we get to talk about dystopias run by evil AI. But those are just dreams. People dream up a utopia in their head, everyone thinking of the gaps in their life and filling it up with a gadget. I doubt the singularity is close.

Why not? The singularity I think about would have to include everyone. Singular singularity, that transhumanist goal of having mankind ascend together with the assistance of technology, everyone goes to heaven. We do not, however, have the privilege to take part of the singularity. I doubt people in the slums will take part either. It is the ascension to techno-heaven that is reserved for the saved. Only those who have enough money can become part of this new bliss. The mighty technocrat will don his computer helmet and rule us as an immortal demigod, citing his knowledge as the justification for his authority. The singularity will have occurred, but only for the select few.

It is just a rip-off rapture. The technocrat gets his fancy computer-throne and nice internet, but those of us who are not saved will get stuck with normal chairs and bad internet! What hell!

Technology has done little to unite people, it has only further stratified us. I cannot think of a good reason to expect otherwise.